The Power of Thoughts

Our thoughts have great power and unfortunately, too many of them are negative. Listen in as Leslie and Leslyn talk about awareness and coping with the thoughts we don’t want.


In this first episode of Try This At Home, Leslie and Leslyn start the conversation by discussing the thoughts we think. They identify a few statistics that demonstrate the monstrosity of the topic but zero in on a few elements such as fearful and negative thoughts; mentioning some of the ideas presented by Rick Hanson in his book Hardwiring Happiness.

They also discuss the fascinating story of Martin Pistorius who developed Cryptococcal meningitis and lost his ability to move or talk. Martin’s experience forced him to find a way of coping with his thoughts which, is part of his story in the book Ghost Boy: My Escape from a Life Locked Inside My Own Body.

The conversation leads to a discussion about detachment, a coping mechanism that may be used constructively for those times when fear or negativity is prevalent and potentially disruptive in our daily life. Leslyn, a Professional Counselor in private practice shares her thoughts on this topic.

Leslie and Leslyn share experiences and stories that outline some helpful tips about coping with derogatory thoughts that you can try at home.


We introduce you to Martin Pistorius in this episode. If you are intrigued, we recommend his book Ghost Boy.