Time Budget Worksheet

Time Budget Worksheet

From Episode 2 - Print the worksheet to identify exactly where your time does go each day. Remember not to judge of criticize, just identify each thing you spend time on in order to determine what can be adjusted.


Self Care Activities Keepsheet

From Episode 3 - This self care worksheet will offer plenty of ideas on how to recharge your batteries. With room for your own ideas, you’ll never have to put energy into coming up with ways to care for yourself. Print this download and keep it in an obvious place where you’re likely to see it and be reminded of the need to take care of your spirit.


Time Management Tip Sheet

From Episode 4 - Print this tip sheet and keep it in the front of your planner so that you are reminded of this discussion. It may also be helpful to place a 2nd copy in your office where it can be noticed easily for those times when you need to remember the key points.


Toxic People Tip Sheet

From Episode 5 - Print and use these tips to deal with those toxic people in your life. Don’t let them poison you in the midst of their issues!


Healthy Boundary Worksheet

From Episode 11 - Print this boundary worksheet if there is a challenging boundary you are attempting to establish. Work through each question so that you are prepared to respond when it becomes necessary to defend your position.


Finding Your Communication Style

From Episode 12 - This printout is TWO pages - one listing characteristics of each communication style and another to help you decipher yours with more clarity. The worksheet is also designed to help you understand how you may have developed your specific style.


Communication Rules

From Episode 13 - This printout is a great resource to keep in front of you during those times you need to remember how to keep your cool. It’s a great reminder and teaching tool for people of all ages.


Feeling Words List

From Episode 13 - Another great print & use resource to increase your vocabulary. A good exercise is to describe your experiences from each day with as many different words from this list as possible. Try not to use “happy”, “sad”, or “mad”.


Defensive Tip Sheet

From Episode 14 & 15 - Leslie and Leslyn spent two episodes covering many of the ways we can cope with both feeling defensive and handling defensive people. This tip sheet is a handy reference for those times when our natural tendencies take over and defense sets in.


Brain Dump Worksheet

From Episode 18 - our ‘Unplugged’ episode. We talk about how productive it can be to just brain dump ideas and thoughts (some people call this journaling).

We’ve created this brilliant blank sheet for you to write ideas, make lists, or just doodle as you clear the chatter from your mind.


Affirmation Template

From episode 23 - Use this template to create ‘flashcards’ of your affirmations and carry them with you so you can practice whenever you get a few extra minutes!