Self-Care is First Aid

Self-care probably isn’t what you think it is. Self-care is like putting a band aid on an emotional wound or applying sunscreen to prevent a sunburn. Listen in as we go into detail about why self care is critical to our health.


In this episode of Try This at Home,Leslie and Leslyn talk about what self care is and also - what it isn’t. While we all may envision candlelight and a warm bubble bath, self care can also be a day spent doing dishes and running the vacuum cleaner.

We introduce you to Guy Winch - the psychologist who coined the term “emotional first aid” and talk about why people are so inept in the category of self-care.

We spend a bit of time talking about the discipline of self care and how we might fit it into our daily routines so that we don’t end up running on empty so much of the time.

Finally, we offer a downloadable list of self-care activities and talk about how to use the list to motivate you to take care of yourself.


Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch, PhD is the book that we mention in this episode.