Get to Know Us

Have you found yourself wondering who these ladies are? Do you want to know more? Listen in as Leslie and Leslyn introduce themselves and share the story of how they met.


Leslie Sleesman is the founder and mastermind behind Limelife Planners, a company that designs and produces planners that organize your daily life. She is the mom of two boys and a girl as well as the proud wife of a university professor. Leslie is a Christian who strives to balance the responsibilities of entrepreneurship and motherhood alongside being a loving partner who never manages to do ALL of it, ALL the time but gets most of it done, most of the time.

She shares the story of meeting Leslyn for the first time and years later, serendipitously discovering that they shared a common friend who ultimately introduced them again; allowing for some great collaboration using their complementary expertise.

Leslyn Kantner is a mental health professional in private practice and the founder and curator of The Elevate Class. There, she is the lead coach for people who are seeking personal coaching for their personal growth journeys. She is also the author of the blog where she offers tips, inspiration, and encouragement for living your best life.