Try This at Home

We live in a big crazy world.

Try This At Home is a series of conversations about real life living and ideas to make your life better.

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Leslyn Kantner, NCC, LPC

Leslyn is a licensed mental health counselor and the founder of Harmony Counseling Center, LLC, a private counseling practice in SE Pennsylvania. She is the author of a new book: Be Happier, Healthier, and More Productive; 365 Inspiring Ideas (available on Amazon). In 2018 she developed The Elevate Class to bridge counseling and and the self help movement. It’s an online coaching class where self awareness and personal growth are the objectives. She’s the mom of four grown-ups and can now call herself Mimi.


Leslie Sleesman

Leslie is the founder and owner of Limelife Planners. She started Limelife in pursuit of the perfect day planning instrument and being a graphic designer, created just what she needed. Her creativity was rewarded with a wave of orders from people also wanting more flexibility in their planners. Today she focuses on Limelife, commercial printing, and volunteering. All on top of being a devoted wife and engaged mom to three youngsters.