#20 Electronic Communication; Rants and Tips

While not officially part of our “Communication Series”, we spend this episode ranting about the darker side of texting and emailing. How has this communication convenience affected our work-life balance and what can we do about it? Leslie and Leslyn have different thoughts and ideas about setting boundaries and promoting a better balance for enhanced daily living.


For more than two decades now, electronic communication has infiltrated every corner of our lives. An entire generation has grown up with instant contact as an expectation. This episode is a conversation about the pros and cons of communicating electronically.

Because Leslyn and Leslie are both business owners, they talk about the negative side of being constantly available as a professional and the implications of having being reachable 24/7. Leslie shares thoughts about a perception that our cultural norm has developed into the notion that we are all immediately at the mercy of others needs. Leslyn shares ideas of how to set appropriate boundaries with customers, friends and family who might be overstepping accessibility.

As always, they share personal stories that highlight the topic from a variety of perspectives. The notion of ‘instant access’ is dissected in these personal examples and strategies to balance the frustrations are offered.