#33 Creating and Keeping Emotional Intimacy

Is there someone in your life that knows your deepest darkest secret? Someone that accepts all your good along with the bad? Is there somebody you feel comfortable ‘baring it all’ to? That’s the experience of emotional intimacy and in this episode, we define it, share experiences, and thoughts about how to keep it alive.


Emotional intimacy is that connection you share with someone close in spirit; it’s the feeling part of a relationship that allows you to feel safe.  The relationships that allow you to be the most authentic; to be you without judgment or criticism.

Emotional intimacy can be difficult in intimate and/or romantic relationship. Yet, it’s the single most important feature of a sustainable relationship. It needs to be nurtured and readily available. 

In the challenges of our day to day life, we tend to divide and conquer so much that we neglect engaging with our partners in a way to support continued emotional intimacy. We may expect that our partner ‘accept’ a different priority while we work and raise children but the consequence is that we distance ourselves.

Leslie and Leslyn share strategies to engage in your partner’s life so that emotional intimacy can be sustained no matter the differences between you.  They give detailed suggestions to help build and restore that connection that is so necessary to maintain a strong bond.

The Try This At Home for the week is to print out the tip sheet on the website and sit down with your partner or engage in the suggested activities.

Leslie Sleesman