#35 Getting Mixed Messages?

Have you ever sat back infuriated about a double standard or a mixed message? Do you feel confused about the standard you need to hold yourself to or the role you are supposed to play? Even though we’ve come a long way fighting many of the ‘ism’s, there seems to be pervasive ideology everywhere we turn. Leslie and Leslyn have some energy about his topic and share some stories that point out the problem.


This week Leslie and Leslyn are spouting off about the mixed messages and double standards that we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis. They come from everywhere and we probably have a few ourselves.

It’s interesting to think that some of the gender related messages that we think have been squashed are alive and well in the hearts of some people. They tend to be exposed at embarrassing or inconvenient moments. Even when people don’t intend to convey a sexist remark, the embedded ‘mixed message’ that infiltrates our way of thinking is exposed. 

They comment on cultural differences that many of us remain blinded toward even when we consider ourselves accepting of diversity. They speak about the need for all of us to pay attention to the biases that exist from our personal experiences and expose the contradictions that we live by. They share that by eliminating the concepts of right and wrong, we can develop more acceptance.

Our biases continue into our personal lives in ways that we may not be aware of. As usual, Leslie and Leslyn challenge our way of thinking and implore us to be conscious of how what we think impacts our external behavior - particularly in terms of mixed messages and double standards.