#28 Why are we here? More on Reincarnation

Last week we introduced the topic of reincarnation and it continues today with more questions and antidotes... asking the question: “Why are we here?”. Leslie and Leslyn discuss concepts that spark lively conversation.


Leslie and Leslyn dive further into the conversation of reincarnation and consider possibilities of why souls may return over and over again. The supposition is based largely on work from Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Roger Woolger, both experts in the field of past lives. The conversation centers on their contention that we return to learn Love and perfect our human capacity for it.

Leslyn shares how her personal research over several decades has shaped her philosophical and spiritual views. Leslie’s contribution to the conversation starts where many people are - a curiosity that is confusing with traditional ideas based in Christianity and their conversation touches on the potential for those two perspectives to merge peacefully.

They reiterate how to use the Reincarnation Journal (found on the website) for the goal of identifying elements that may indicate a past life.