#32 Facing Fear

What are you afraid of? I’m not asking about snakes, spiders, or heights… what are you ‘really’ afraid of? How does fear drive your reactions? How does it play out in your relationships or your willingness to take chances? Today, we’re talking about it.


We are all hardwired to feel fear. It’s part of our survival instinct and while most of us consider it from a physical perspective, it applies to our emotions as well. When we don’t feel emotionally safe, we create defense mechanisms that protect us. Anxiety, control issues, and many negative emotions are rooted in fear.

Leslie and Leslyn spend this discussion sharing stories and antidotes about feeling fear, digging into the roots, and offering strategies on how to overcome them. Generally, when we are afraid of losing something, having less of something, or never having something… our fear response activates a behavior. With a little introspection and self honesty, we can better understand ourselves and in turn, communicate with those we love and care about, more effectively.

Leslyn’s recommendation to ‘lean into fear’ is discussed and clarified in an effort to help people engage more honestly. Their usual banter and storytelling offers good ideas and clarity for anyone challenged by worry, stress, or fear.