#31 Motivation Insight; How to get going

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Do you have a hard time getting motivated? We’re talking about motivation today and we’ve got some great tips for you. We start out talking about values and discovering the ‘why’ behind your actions. The discussion turns to choices and it will get you thinking!


Today we’re talking about motivation in a follow up to last week’s conversation about habits. An inability to get motivated isn’t always about depression, it’s often a sign of priority or desire. It’s very difficult to find motivation for something that is misaligned from our own value. Additionally, it’s challenging when we can’t find a path to the end goal and we are stuck. Sometimes, our brains shut down because we simply run out of emotional gas and the lack of motivation is a signal that we need to stop and engage in self care to recharge.

Leslie and Leslyn offer suggestions and tips for those times when motivation wanes, regardless of the root. It starts with what you value. Self awareness is necessary to understand the core value that is in conflict with the behavior you need motivation for.

With their natural banter and quirky stories, Leslie and Leslyn offer perspective on motivation and how to get things done!