#30 Build Better Habits

You know those things you do over and over again? Even those things that annoy you? They’re habits and we have more than we know. Some experts predict that up to 45% of our behavior is habitual. It’s an automatic process that we develop so that the brain conserves processing power. In this episode, we share some thoughts about habits and then talk about how to break the ones you don’t want and build upon those you do.


This episode starts with the announcement of Leslyn’s book which, was recently published and is available on Amazon.com. They move on to the discussion of habits and share tidbits about the science behind why we develop habits - even the bad ones.

Of course, the question on most people’s mind is how to break bad habits and/or how to build better ones. Leslyn and Leslie talk candidly about the most necessary ingredient for both. The dive right to the root element of desire and debate the legitimacy of the argument that we do what we want to more often than not.

A portion of the conversation is focused on the fallacy many of us believe about needing 21 days to develop new habits; research defies that common understanding. Leslie and Leslyn spend time debunking that myth with explanations and personal stories. They continue with comments about realistic expectations regarding any habit change.