#29 Living an Authentic Life

Are you living authentically? How do you know? Leslie and Leslyn share some thoughts about this interesting topic an offer some great ideas that will help you grow authenticity or stay in the authentic groove. As usual, they direct you to outside resources and Leslyn offers antidotes from her professional experience as both as therapist and life coach.


Leslie starts this episode sharing some thoughts from a therapy session years ago. Leslyn explains her “totem pole” theory about depression, anxiety, and living an authentic life. The conversation steps into gear as the ladies discuss character strengths and how they support authentic living. Listeners are directed to a web location where they can identify their strengths and the discussion elaborates on how they support good living.

The term ‘authentic’ is explored as each of them share stories and life experiences about how being ‘inauthentic’ affected their lives. Listen in to see if any of the conversation resonates or to hear a few nuances to help you grow toward a more authentic self.