#27 Is Reincarnation a 'thing'?

The earlier discussions about the bible motivated Leslie and Leslyn to talk about possibilities beyond the promises laid out there. What happens after death, really? This discussion introduces the concept of reincarnation and the professionals who’ve spent entire careers researching the possibility. It’s the first in a two part conversation so be sure to tune in next week!


As an introduction to the possibility of reincarnation, Leslie and Leslyn introduce their audience to Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Ian Stevenson, Roger Woolger, and Dr. Puryear - researchers who have spent entire careers investigating the potential that our souls come back again and again. They consider the question of whether or not our souls are ‘reborn’ into different bodies throughout time with the underlying goal of perfecting our ability to know the virtue of “love”.

Leslyn shares stories of personal experiences that indicate the potential for past lives. She invites listeners to consider alternative to established beliefs and suggests that a belief in reincarnation may indeed coincide with religious beliefs. They direct listeners to resources to use for more information.

This is the first of two conversations that speak to the possibilities of reincarnation and why it makes sense. While it’s impossible to discern its validity, it is likewise impossible to prove otherwise so listen to both episodes and think about your own experiences.

Leslie and Leslyn have designed a ‘reincarnation journal’ to assist you in considering if a past life memory is sitting under your subconscious awareness. It is available on the Try This At Home website under ‘free resources’.