#26 Break Free From Judgment

Do you catch yourself making snarky comments in your head or out loud about how people are acting? Do you ever think “Who does that?” or find yourself making snap judgments about situations that are often critical and/or opinionated? Do you ever feel as if people are judging you unfairly? It’s a loaded topic and this episode breaks it apart, offering ideas and solutions to break free from the judgment cycle.


In this episode, Leslie and Leslyn share stories of judging and also of feeling judged. They explain that the practice of being judgmental is rooted in personal pain that gets triggered. As is typical with their suggestions, it is recommended that the first step in breaking free from judgment is to raise awareness of one's tendency to be judgmental as well as those times when we feel the recipient of judging attitudes. 

They share expertise from professionals who recommend identifying the type of triggers that activate old wounds - sending us into a spiral of assumptions and critical assessments. They offer specific advice and techniques to work on eliminating judgment as a method of interaction; noticing that it is in direct opposition to the state of love.

Using Gabrielle Bernstein’s six step process for releasing judgment as a blueprint, Leslie and Leslyn run through ideas and tidbits to help you cope with judgments as they pop up with an introduction to the ultimate goal of forgiveness all around.