#24 Continuing to be "Inspired"

Continuing the discussion motivated by Rachel Held Evan’s book Inspired, Leslyn and Leslie consider how her description of biblical stories play into personal stories and what we tell ourselves about faith and religion. They examine how our personal experiences slant the view we take on biblical interpretations and how quickly and easily we adopt thoughts without necessarily considering if they fit the paradigm we actually live within.


Leslie and Leslyn begin by discussing the challenging question “What is a day?” as it pertains to the Creation story in the bible. Can we believe in science and the bible at the same time? This conversation starts by challenging some basic thoughts while we share our individual views.

How do you envision God? We sit back and share ideas of ‘what’ God may be. We share thoughts on why religion personifies God and what kind of challenges that presents.

Rachel Held Evans speaks about the bible and the stories it tells. Leslie and Leslyn dive into how the bible is often interpreted by each readers perspective and why that may be problematic. They challenge the use of biblical ideology when it offers a convenient rational for behavior that is obviously ‘unloving’. 

They strongly encourage listeners to sit back and ask questions to challenge beliefs; whether or not they align with the goal of love. They challenge the classification of ‘Christian’ and the stories we tell ourselves about the preconceived notions of that meaning. The conversation continues with a call out to keep asking questions about the ‘stories’ we have been told and continue to tell ourselves.

Leslie Sleesman