#23 Inspired Inspiration

Leslie and I are always up for a challenging conversation to broaden our perspectives and this week, we’re beginning a discussion motivated by the Rachel Held Evans book ‘Inspired: Slaying giants, walking on water, and loving the bible again’. We have pretty different points of view and so this discussion gets interesting!


Rachel Held Evans stirred a lot of controversy before she died with her book “Inspired” where she challenges the literal understandings of biblical stories. She describes the Bible as “a living breathing captivating and compounding book” that continues to offer guidance and instruction but not when taken literally. 

We start the series by sharing our personal faith journeys and begin a debate About the rule of the Bible in those journeys. It’s not a conversation about what’s right or wrong or a conversation geared to change anyone’s mind. We are initiating this discussion in an effort to promote curiosity as we believe it’s the greatest pathway to growth.

We share thoughts about what it means to challenge the mainstream, especially in terms of religion and faith. Faith can be confusing when there are so many ideas and beliefs and we start by sharing our personal questions as they surfaced in our stories. 

We hope you listen with an open mind and share your curiosity with us as we have this conversation.