8 Rules for Better Communication

Last week, Leslie & Leslyn started a series about Communication and this is the second in that series. There are a handful of rules that make interpersonal communication more effective and simply; easier. This discussion focuses on those rules with suggestions and examples for each. Don’t forget to download the list from the ‘Free Resources’ page to keep handy for those times that communication gets difficult.


Following a few simple rules while engaging in challenging communication can change the outcome dramatically. The second in their communication series, Leslie & Leslyn share eight ideas to help you exchange ideas more effectively.

From the proverbial “I” statements to suggestions on how to use feeling vocabulary more efficiently, they run through a variety of examples to help you think about your own dialogue challenges. Reminders about interrupting and listening more effectively are reviewed along with an investigation of what it actually means to ‘stay present’.

They also talk about vernacular habits that commonly interfere with good communication; mistakes that many of us make when we’re emotionally charged. Understanding that little changes can make a significant difference in the outcome, they’ve designed a print out to keep as a handy reference for the next time you find yourself needing a little guidance.