Toxic People - What to do with Them

Spending time with toxic people is like taking a spoonful of arsenic each time you spend time with them. Over time, their influence slowly poisons your attitude and perspective.


Toxic people pop up at unexpected times and in unexpected places. They are manipulative, judgemental unapologetic, don’t accept personal responsibility and rarely ask about you. They are inconsistent and may ask you to pick them over other long-standing relationships.

When you spend time in the company of toxic people you may be affected by their drama, dread being around them or feel exhausted when they leave. They don’t accept your boundaries or respect your values, causing you to check out and disengage from the relationship.

Leslie and Leslyn share thoughts and tips on how to handle those people who may be toxic and how to create distance. They share how you can love people but set boundaries so that the hurt is kept at bay and the toxicity doesn’t continue to contaminate you.

We end the episode with a tip sheet that outlines each of the recommendations we make that you can print and keep in a handy place.