Time Management - Make it Visual

Time management is not filling up a schedule but being aware of what you’re doing and knowing what your priorities are and then allotting the time in a visual format.

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In this episode, Leslie and Leslyn inform us that a big part of time management is making sure that there is room in your schedule to have flexibility. It's important to use a planner to write things down – a paper planner has been indicated to be more effective overall. The main idea is to create a visual for your time allocation.

What kind of things go in a planner? Tasks and appointments are designated in your planner but not habits. The discussion illustrates variations of calendar strategies that work for different types of people.

The use of lists is also discussed as it pertains to managing time. Leslie and Leslyn offer suggestions to maximize your time with those pesky tasks that take very little overall time. Multitasking, the two-minute rule and the ‘toaster game’ are reviewed as options to make the time you have, work for you.

Overall, they demonstrate that time management doesn’t mean you have to live by an immovable schedule but creating a work flow that allows you to get things done.