Time Budgeting

Do you run out of time and then wonder where it went? Do you get frustrated because you don’t have enough hours in the day? Listen in as we discuss the concept and importance of Time Budgeting.


In this episode of Try This at Home, Leslie and Leslyn investigate the concept of time budgeting. Before you can manage your time effectively, one must know precisely where the hours they do have - are going. In their easy conversational style, they share thoughts about thinking of time as money and using it wisely. As an expert in the field of time management, Leslie offers some considerations based on research and they discuss some of the challenges with the way that people tend to think about time.

The discussion then moves to considering priorities as many of us tend to make the time for those things that we value. When we examine how the hours of our day are being utilized, the key is in being honest about what we do with our time. They identify some of the fallacies we all face and offer solutions.