#37 Dealing with Parenting Guilt

Let’s face it, we are all imperfect parents and experience failures both big and small from time to time. Whether we forgot a show-and-tell or our kid was the only one without parental representation at the award banquet, we probably do try our best. When the day ends without earning a good mom or a best dad award, it can leave us feeling guilty and discouraged. Leslie and Leslyn share some of their more significant fails, how they managed them, and offer some advice about how to stay on track.


Leslie and Leslyn spend this episode talking about all the ways that we - as parents - make mistakes. First of all… we don’t know what we don’t know. Secondly, most of us simply do the best we know to do and learn along the way, and lastly… even when we think we have it figured out, a kid comes along that doesn’t follow any of the rules! 

This episode challenges those ideas we thought were great and helps us find peace with the ideas that weren’t as much. They share successes and failures in hopes that the listener will find comfort in the universality and commonalities impacting most parents today. 

The ladies share honest thoughts about their own parenting and ideas about how to learn from the mistakes we all make. They indicate that it’s simply human to make mistakes and that when we are imperfect parents, we teach our children real lessons about the world.

From losing our children in a crowd, forgetting about the tooth fairy, and all the in-between lapse in judgments or skill sets, this is an open and honest conversation between two moms who opt to learn from the experiences. You’ll laugh and reflect in meaningful ways!